That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a little glimpse of Easter

 Good Day Friends!
 I wanted to share a couple of Easter Cards I was working on today.
For starters my Glittered Choco Bunnie! I love making this card, it never gets old!
The Bunny Grass and Eggs are all off the 2010 Easter Cricut Cart...did I mention I love my Cricut? I don't think I have...yet. I have lots of these cuts stored away, as I borrowed this cart from a good friend and I just can't find the cartridge affordably any more...I keep looking!! I think I will enter this one in over at Paper Lovin Gals. Cause it just fits the bill soooo perfectly!!

Secondly....I sent my Hubby into Impress on his lunch break yesterday...what a good man. The stamp of the week a $3.00 that price tag! So here are a few ways I've used it! I'm thinking I could not ink the eggs, and stamp gifts in the wheelbarrow too!! Oh onto my button and twine issues, lol!! Twine is so fun and inexpensive.  And I love doilies, they are so versatile. I turned a few into flowers the other day too!!
Have a Sunny Day!


  1. Girlie... same thing here. Your links are not linking back to your blog post. They go to never never land. :-( "Copy & Paste" is your friend. Cute card anyways!!

  2. Oh well thanks, never never land sucks unless Johnny Depp is there! I was wondering why the linky wsan't picking up my foto! Dang it anyway. Learning curves....doh!