That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cards, cards, cards....

Cards, cards, and!
...Clever Cards...
I have been on a card roll lately. I think because it allows me to sample all the goodies without a huge commitment. There are so many things to be made out of one 12x12 piece of paper!

Love me some pinwheels, they are so light and airy, this one is totally form...not function!

I totally got the banner across the front of the card from Heidi Grace Kress. She had lots of cute samples of this technique when she came to visit....and the tabs. I am really liking tabs right now too, lol!

Ohhhhh love this quote and the little stamps, I've had them around for a while and decided it was just the time to use them. I like how you can make any sentiment you want and it's ecletcic. Lends itself nicely to the uniqueness of this paper.
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  1. You HAVE been a busy bee!!! Love that about you!! Now I know what you're doing at 1am! =) The pin wheel card I LOVE. You'll have to show me how to do one properly sometime because mine don't come out that well. =)

  2. Oh, yes I get busy late! lol, but you know all about late night business don't you mamma?!! Thanks for the shout out. During the free card class on thursday..I'm going to do a pinwheel card this week. SHould be cute and fun!! You should join us.