That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sunny Bedroom

Hello, thought I'd take a minute to share with you my kiddos bed room. We have a really, small we decided to turn our fantastic living room... into their shared  bed room!! When the kids were little, under three, we had a swing hanging in one of the walkthroughs in this room. Oh the memories of the wee ones falling asleep in a the house. So precious.

 Having one of each kinda makes ya get creative when it comes to a shared space. Fortunately for us it works out, they love to sleep together, they get that from me :) I'm a snuggler.

Miss Ellie colored in some flowers at the base of out tree.

I used the Cricut Pumpkin carving cartridge and an overhead projector to stencil the tree on the wall. I repeated parts of the tree on one other wall too.
 My kids school was super nice to let me borrow it.

My little OZ coloring in a fish in his pond.I still have to paint a guy fishing the pond. Thinking if I can get him to hold still long enough I will trace his silhouette. I think that would be pretty special.  I free handed the fish and cat tails...that was easy enough for me. My artistic talent doesn't lend itself to drawing.

Another view of the room, and yes that's my vacum, it's always out and getting used....I am the crazy vacuum lady. I can't help it though...we live under some HUGE maple trees. When they are in full bloom it looks like a canopy of green above our little bungalow. Oh..random, sorry.

There are puffy clouds all over the room. It was such a blast to be able to do this for my kids. And, for the cost of the blue paint...$23.00, because I had the other paints already. I just used acrylic craft paints I have hanging around from other projects.  

I love being able to create for my kids. I know that they will look back at this time with fondness. Living in grandpa and grandmas front yard with a decked out room, parents that love them and freedom to run out the front door and have an adventure. I'm pretty blessed.

Thanks for dropping in! Have any of you ever muraled walls? How'd you do it? I'd love to know.
Happy Easter.


  1. I've done a couple. The first one was a huge tree in a Jungle at the kids preschool. It was on that old 1970 dark panneling so I left it bare for the tree and painted the leaves, sky and grass. Great way to use up old paint. The next two I did for my kids rooms. The nursery was blue with a band of yellow 3 ft below the cieling and then I sponge painted clouds from the band to the ceiling. Finished it of with a foam star stamp and silver glitter spray paint. My daughters room was daisy yellow and I free handed a band of grass in four different colors of green. Then stamped Butterflies, lady bugs and dragonflies as well as daisie in the grass. Made a matching spread an curtians too. Love mixing left over paint to make custom colors. the middle girls have a custom light purple room right now. Sure it will chamge again soon

  2. Haven, yeah! Thanks for sharing your painting story!! Using foam stamp sure would have been helpful for me, they just don't make a lot of them anymore. Well atleast I haven't seen them in a while :) Have a great day.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and some photos. I LOVE it!!! I think it's a great memory that your kids will treasure forever and it helps get their creativity going. I hope Cody will be as blessed as your children are.... Hope to see you soon Missy!!!