That's Me

That's Me

Friday, April 13, 2012's Handmade

Hello Blog Friends!
Seems like life caught up with me in the last week and I've been absent! I did get to burn the midnight oil a few times! Nothing like some Bon Jovi and a stack of paper to get things going!

What I have to share with you is a sweet LO I made of my baby girl Easter of 05'.  I used the embroidery boards and patters from Clever Handmade! This is soooo much fun, you rub the pattern on and pre-pierced the design then stitch it on! 

So the Clouds are what I stitched on!! Just a floatin in the sky. This paper is the Embroidery Board that Heidi designed to be used with the transfers, but you can use it for anything. It's a great weight it  holds  up to getting spritzed, cuts nicely and it comes in some mod patterns:)

Isn't it cute?? You can stitch as close or as spread out as you want. I like seeing the pattern in between my stitching, and the little heart is so sweet!

Got a close up of my journaling and banner. I created the banner  using Sticker Tape, also a Clever Handmade product! I layered the two together and made a couple a snips and there is was, a clever little banner, lol! The sticker tape it a heavier  weight  than washi tape and it's not translucent. I'm a fan for sure. 

Thanks for looking it just maaayyy be two post night, we'll see!

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